AJA CION Accessory Kit (Pro, V-Mount)

AJA CION Accessory Kit (Pro, V-Mount) (195400)

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AJA CION Accessory Kit (Pro, V-Mount)

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The AJA CION Camera Accessory Kit (Pro, V-Mount) is a professional camera support package designed for the AJA CION camera. The AJA CION accessory package includes: Top Plate (CION), a top mounting camera cheeseplate for accessory attachment, Unified Baseplate, a camera baseplate for holding the two 15mm Rod (9") at the correct lens height, NATO Handle Kit (Plus, 100mm), a quick release handle that attaches to the top plate, has a rotating top grip, multiple mounting points for accessories, integrated shoe mount, and a 15mm/19mm rod opening, UVF Mount (No Clamp) for holding EVFs & LCDs, Safety Dovetail (12") an ARRI standard dovetail,Rear Rod Adapter (CION, 15mm LW), a mount that holds a second set of rear rods, and the Battery Slide (CION, V-Mount), an adjustable battery plate for powering the camera through internal wiring.

Included Items:
Top Plate (CION)
Unified Baseplate
2x 15mm Rod (9")
NATO Handle Kit (Plus, 100mm)
Rear Rod Adapter (CION, 15mm LW)
UVF Mount (No Clamp)
Safety Dovetail (12")
Battery Slide (CION, V-Mount)

Weight: 2449.4 g (5.4 lbs)

Dimensions: 355.6 x 177.8 x 139.7 mm (14 x 7 x 5.5 in)

AJA CION Camera Accessory Kits Overview:
Power Options for AJA CION:

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