Side Plate (BMSC)

Side Plate (BMSC) (181900)

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Side Plate (BMSC)

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Side Plate (BMSC) is an accessory plate for the Blackmagic Studio Camera that attaches to either side of the camera using two or three 1/4-20 screw holes. Bracket provides mounting holes for standard V-Mount plates (IDX, Switronix, etc), QRC style Gold Mount plates (Anton Bauer, Switronix, etc), Hyperdeck Shuttle, Odyssey 7Q, wireless audio receivers, as well as slot pattens for pass through 1/4-20 screws. Side Plate is flippable and reversible to attach to any position on the camera and the mounting hole patterns are present in every orientation. See instruction guide for available hole patterns.

Combine with optional Side Plate Cable Clamp for efficient cable management.

(5) 1/4-20 x 3/8" socket button
(3) 1/4-20 x 5/8" socket button
(4) M3 x 12mm phillips pan head
(4) M3 x 10mm phillips pan head
(4) M3 x 8mm phillips pan head
(1) M2.5 x 4mm socket cap (for use as locating pin on Odyssey 7Q)

Weight: 181g (0.4 lbs)
Dimensions: 25.40 x 152.40 x 228.60 mm (1.0 x 6.0 x 9.0 in)

Side Plate (BMSC) Instructions

Camera Configuration Guides:
Blackmagic Studio Camera Accessory Kit (Pro)

Side Plate Configuration and Features:

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