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Price: $25.00

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PLANNED USE (See description)*:


SPECIAL ORDER Allow 1-2 business days for assembly prior to shipment. All custom cables are final sale and non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

Begin with a base cable cost of $25.00 and customize length and connector style from our list of available options in the drop down selections at the top of the page. Cable length is measured from boot to boot and does not include the connector itself. Regulated cables and battery couplers ship with standard cable only.

Customers are required to include planned use of cable for Wooden Camera to confirm cable functionality.

Please carefully review the specifications and pinout configurations of the selected connectors as shown in the connector key below prior to completing your order. Before creating a custom cable you should familiarize yourself with the instruction manual of any device to be used with the intended cable along with its voltage, polarity, and pin out. Please note that customized cables are measured in terms of wire length between connectors, not end to end. Custom cables are not eligible for return or exchange. To request additional features or specialty connectors or further information or assistance in selecting connectors for your device, please email info@woodencamera.com.

Connectors used in this assembly are not manufactured by LEMO but are made to the same specifications and are LEMO compatible.

PLEASE NOTE: If the device or intended use noted for your cable requires a non-stocked connector additional charges may apply. If so we will reach out directly regarding your order.

PLANNED USE: In order to confirm your cable configuration please ensure you have listed its exact use and noted the make and model of any camera or device for which the cable will be used.



d-tap male cable connector, d-tap-m cable
d-tap female power connector, dtap-f cable
1 to 4 d-tap splitter cable, 182900, d-tap power cable splitter


2pin lemo 0b male, arri, camera cable input connector for arri cameras
2pin lemo 0b female, arri, camera cable output connector for arri cameras
3pin lemo 0b male cable connecgor, fgg.0b.303.clad35z
4pin lemo 0b male, red, camera cable input connector, fgg 0b 304 clad52z
4pin lemo 0b female, red, camera cable output connector
1 to 3 mini power splitter, 2pin lemo, 258600


4pin lemo 1b male, canon, input cable connector
4pin lemo 1b female, canon, output cable connector
6pin lemo 1b male straight cable connector, red camera, phj 1b 306 celd72z
Product Name (Model) (000000), keyword description for the ZZZ camera
6pin lemo 1b female right angle cable connector, red camera, fhj 1b 306 cwld72z
7pin lemo 1b male straight cable connector, arri, fgg 1b 307 clad62z
7pin lemo 1b male right angle cable connector, arri, fhg 1b 307 clad62z
7pin lemo 1b female straight cable connector, arri, fhg 1b 307 clad62z


3pin lemo 2b male straight steadicam cable connector, fgg 2b 303 clad62z
3pin lemo 2b female straight steadicam cable connector, phg 2b 303 clad62z
6pin lemo 2b male, red one, output cable connector, fgg 2b 306 306 clad72z
6pin lemo 2b female, red one, intput cable connector, phg 2b 306 clad72z
8pin lemo 2b male straight, arri, phj 2b 308 clld62z
8pin lemo female straight cable connector, arri, fgj 2b 308 clld62z
8pin lemo 2b female right angle cable connector, arri, fhj 2b 308 clld62z


fischer 3PIN male cable connector, s102a052-130
fischer 3PIN female cable connector, 00000000-000
1 to 3 mini power splitter, 3pin fischer


4pin hirose, male connector
4pin hirose female connector
1 to 3 mini power splitter, 4pin hirose


Product Name (Model) (000000), keyword description for the ZZZ camera
full xlr 3pin male straight cable connector, nc3mx-bag
ful xlr 3PIN female straight cable connector, nc3fx-bag
full xlr 4pin male straight cable connector, nc4mx
full xlr 4pin female straight xlr cable connector, nc4fxx-bag
full xlr 4pin female silver, xlr cable connector, nc4fx-silver
full xlr 4pin male right angle cable input connector
convergent design oddyssey 7q/7q+ cable output connector


bmcc power cable connector
bmc pocket cinema camera power cable connector
canon c100, c300, c500, power cable connector
sony fs5 & fs7 power cable connector


NOTE: Regulation occurs within coupler or regulation box and is indicated the coupler information below.
sony a7 power coupler, sony a7r power coupler, sony a7s power coupler, sony a7r2 power coupler, sony a7s2 power coupler,
sony a9 dslr cable coupler, dummy np-fz100
panasonic gh3 power couple, panasonic gh4 power coupler, panasonic gh5 power coupler
panasonic gh2 coupler, dmw-dcc8
canon 1dc, 1dmk3, 1dmk4, 1dx, 1ds coupler, dr-e4,
canon 5dmk3, 6d, 7d, 70d & bmmcc/bmmsc coupler, dr-e6
canon t2i, t3i, t4i, t5i coupler, dr-e8
nikon df, d3100, d3200, d3300,d5100, d5200, d5300 coupler, ep-5a
nikon d600, d610, d750, d800, d810, d7000, d7100 coupler, ep-5b
d-tap to fuji film x-h1, x-t2


aja cion male molex cable, 172343-1
Product Name (Model) (000000), keyword description for the ZZZ camera
Product Name (Model) (000000), keyword description for the ZZZ camera


xt60-m male input/output cable connector, xt60 male
xt60-f female input/output cable connector, xt60 female